Electric Blue Brecon Bracelet

BRECON Electric Blue Bracelet

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17 centimetres, 19 centimetres, 21 centimetres


Brecon is our no-nonsense collection based on a simple length of paracord (named due to the use as parachute cord!) which has been skilfully handwoven into a stylish bracelet.

This bracelet is decorated with our silver & gold insignia charm for a hint of refinement, but can also be untied to provide 3 feet of paracord if you find yourself in need!

The Brecon is a tough character designed for those who roam urban & rural environments without warning.

About the Name: Brecon

This collection takes its name from an area of outstanding natural beauty with a rich British history. The Brecon Beacons national park is considered an important national asset for Britain.

A land that has been used for military purposes from the time of the Roman occupation, right up to the selection ground for the SAS today. What is more, today the area is often used for extreme sports activities providing breath-taking views and diverse environment.

Few places embody the spirit of Britain better than the Brecon Beacons.

Care Instructions

To prevent your jewellery scratching and tarnishing, keep each piece in individual boxes or pouches and store them in a cool, dry place.

Most metals apart from titanium will see surface damage when they come into contact with chlorinated water. Therefore, it is important to remove jewellery before entering a swimming pool.

Keep all metals and gemstones away from harmful chemicals such as cleaning products and beauty products. The chemicals will dull the appearance of your jewellery.


Sterling silver

All sterling silver tarnishes (oxidises) over time but the process of oxidisation will happen faster when sterling silver is exposed to chemical compounds in the air, in liquids and on skin. Exposure to salty air and sea water will increase the rate of tarnishing as well as exposure to hot or humid conditions. Dry your item quickly if it comes into contact with liquids. Perfume, skin care products, chlorine and an acidic skin ph will have a similar impact on tarnishing.

To clean tarnish, gently scrub your sterling silver with a soft cloth or toothbrush and use diluted soapy water. Dry your jewellery thoroughly and them buff the sterling silver with a polishing cloth. Cleaning your items twice a year will help keep them in good condition.

Wearing silver/sterling silver jewellery is the best way of preventing tarnishing as it reduces the rate of oxidation, as long as the jewellery isn’t exposed to harmful compounds.


Leather cord

Leather bracelets can get worn over time depending on how often you wear them. They can also pick up dirt and liquids that stain. It is important to clean leather cord occasionally with a warm damp cloth. Avoid immersing the leather in water or using any chemicals when cleaning. Lastly dry the item thoroughly without using heat as this will damage the material. Leather creams are recommended for keeping your bracelet in the best condition.


Dyneema and Aramid

Dyneema and Aramid are strong, lightweight synthetic materials commonly used for military and aerospace projects. These materials will be significantly more resistant to wear and tear than other jewellery materials but remember they are not indestructible. If cleaning is required, use a warm damp cloth and diluted soapy water. Do not use detergent as soap particles will get trapped in the materials fibres.


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